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Lecture: Architecture of Aroha, Sparbankssalen 21 maj kl. 18

Architecture of Aroha is a collaboration between
Gunvor Guttorm,
Berit Kristine Andersen Guvsám,
Inga Ravne Eira,
Tanya White, and
Jasmine Te Hira,
curated by Zoe Black.

The project unfolds a dialogue between two objects that hold important cultural significance, the wahakura and the gietkka, baby sleeping vessels from Māori and Sámi communities respectively.

For this special event we will present a lecture on the project, describing the nature of the collaboration. We will offer insights into the wahakura and gietkka and the contexts in which they are made.

To finish, we will share ideas related to the proposition:
How are the spaces we create, like the wahakura and gietkka, reflective of our cultural ways of being, seeing, doing?

This project is supported by Nordic Culture Fund,Objectspace and Norwegian Crafts and is presented as part of Luleåbiennalen 2024 – On the threshold of 1:1

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